9987771151@MD Dravyaguna Direct Admission 2020

9987771151@MD Dravyaguna Direct Admission 2020

MD in Dravyaguna is a 2 years full-time postgraduate course that involves an advanced study of the principles, qualities, actions, and therapeutic profiles of the food/ drug substances in Ayurveda. The word Dravya means drug and Guna mean property. The course involves advanced study of medicinal herbs and it is parallel in the modern science of pharmacology. Dravyaguna is actually the science of herbal plants.

Drayaguna Vignan is one of the most important knowledge of an Ayurvedic practitioner. The employment areas of this course, is colleges and universities, medical colleges, Nursing Homes, etc. The top job profiles of this course are Category Manager, Medical Representative, Business Development Officer, Ayurvedic Doctor, etc.

Some colleges in Bangalore offer MD in Dravyaguna course. Here in this article, we will discuss the admission, eligibility criteria of the course as well as career and job opportunities of MD in Dravyaguna in Bangalore.


Eligibility to Pursue MD in Dravyaguna

Interested candidates need to clear BAMS degree course from any recognized university. This is the primary eligibility criteria to study MD in Davyaguna in Bangalore.


Admission Process of MD in Dravyaguna


 Admission process of  MD in Davyaguna in Bangalore is based on the marks/score obtained in AIAPGET 2019. Students must qualify to be eligible for seat allotment under merit quota. Candidates who have not got the seat under merit category can also apply for MD/MS Ayurveda admission under management quota in ayurvedic medical colleges in Karnataka. The exam will be held in the month of July, tentatively.

For knowing more, candidates are requested to visit the website www.aiapget.com


 Fill out the admission form below to get a mail/call/whatsapp with instructions on how to register online & guidance by a counselor.

Admission Helpline: +91-9987771151


Job Prospect of MD in Dravyaguna


Successful postgraduates of the course typically work for the medical colleges and research institutes as researchers. Apart from this, private practice option is also open for the candidates. There are more job openings such as Clinical Associates, Professor, Ayurvedic Doctor, etc. Here we are discussing some of the job roles and responsibilities in the course.

As clinical Associates, they need to help medical offices to enhance working methods and approaches in a range of departments.

As Ayurvedic Doctors, they need to treat patients suffering from many physical maladies caused as a result of modern life through the comprehensive, ancient, medical method.

As health specialists, they need to work on the improvement of the health of individuals and communities such as schools and hospitals etc. Health specialists need to work with the organization.



 Top Institutions which offer MD in Dravyaguna


  • The colleges that offer MD in  Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic Pharmacology) in Karnataka are
  • Ashwini Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Centre
  • Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute
  • Ramakrishna Ayurvedic Medical College and Research Institution
  • KLE Academy of Higher Education & Research
  •  Rajiv Gandhi Education Society's Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital
  •  Shri JG Ayurvedic Medical College 
  • Shri Shivayogeeshwar Rural Ayurvedic Medical College & Hospital, Belgaum, Karnatak
  •  Sri Kalabyraveshwara Swamy Ayurvedic Medical College,Bangalore


 MD/MS  Ayurveda Branches in BAMS Colleges in Karnataka

Explore Other MD/MS Ayurveda Branches and Ayurveda colleges in Karnataka offering the respective branches.


  • MD Agad Tantra (Medical Jurisprudence; Toxicology)
  • MD Bala Roga (Pediatrics)
  • MD Kayachikitsa (Internal Medicine)
  • MD Maulik Siddhanta (Fundamental Principles)
  • MS Prasuti Stri Roga (Gynaecology & Obstetrics)
  • MD Roga & Vikrit Vigyan (Clinical Medicine & Pathology)
  • MD Rasa Shastra & Bhaishajya Kalpana (Iatro-Chemistry (Rasa Chikitsa))
  • MS Sharir Rachana (Anatomy)
  • MD Sharir Kriya (Physiology)
  • MS Shalya Tantra (Surgery)
  • MS Shalakya Tantra (ENT Eye)
  • MD Swastha Vritta (Preventive; Social Medicine)

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