9987771151@MD MS PG Ayurveda Admission

9987771151@MD MS PG Ayurveda Admission


Type of Degree : Postgraduate (PG)
Degree Awarded From: Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Science (RGUHS), Bangalore
Duration : 3 Years
Intake of students:
The intake of students to each branches shall be in accordance with the approved intakes as per the Regulations of the CCIM, New Delhi.
There are fourteen Branches dealing with different aspects and specialities of Ayurveda.
Admission in MD Ayurveda PG Course for 2019 is available in Ayurveda Colleges in Karnataka.
MD Kayachikitsa (General Medicine)
MD Panchakarma
MD Shalya Tantra (Surgery)
MD Shalakya Tantra (ENT, Dentistry and Ophthalmology)
MS Stri Roga and Prasuti Tantra (Gynaecology, Obstetrics )
MD Kaumarabhritya (Paediatrics)
MD Dravyaguna (Ayurvedic Pharmacology)
MD Swastha Vrittam (Social and Preventative Medicine)
MD Ayurveda Maulika Siddhanta & Samhita (Basic Principles of Ayurveda)
MD Rasashastra and Bhaishajya Kalpana (Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacy)
MD Rachana Shareeram (Anatomy)
MD Roga Vijnana (Pathology)
MD Kriya Shareera (Physiology)
MD Agada Tantra and Vyavaharayurveda (Toxicology, Jurisprudence and Forensic Medicine)

MD Ayurveda Admission Eligibility :
Eligibility for Admission A person possessing a degree in Ayurveda of a University or Board or Medical institution specified in the Second Schedule of Indian Medicine Central Council Act 1970 shall be eligible for admission to Post-graduate degree course. Further, sponsored/deputed candidate (Ayurveda Teachers or Physicians) will be required to possess qualification essential for admission. Only those who have passed all the examinations at degree level in first attempt shall be eligible for admission.

Apply Online For MD Ayurveda Admission

Admission Helpline: +91-9987771151
Obtaining Eligibility Certificate:
No candidate shall be admitted to any Post-graduate degree course in Ayurveda, unless the candidate has obtained and produced eligibility certificate issued by the University.
The candidate has to make an application to the University with following documents along with prescribed fee:-
1) B.A.M.S. pass or degree certificate issued by the University.
2) Marks card of all University examinations passed (First to Final year of B.A.M.S. Course)
3) Attempt certificate issued the Principal. 4) Certificate regarding the recognition of College by CCIM.
5) Completion of internship certificate from a recognized institution.
6) Registration by State of Ayurveda practitioners registration Board/Ayurveda Council.
7) Proof of SC/ST or Category I, as the case may be. Candidates should obtain the eligibility certificate before the last date for the admission as notified by the University. A candidate who has been admitted to the Post-graduate degree course shall register his/her name in the University within a month after paying the registration fee.

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